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Setting up a e-commerce site can be extremely complexed or really simple. Luckily, most business models for e-commerce web development are the same online so web developers usually use structures such as Volsion or X-Cart to generate the framework.

Things to Consider:

Security - The biggest issue for e-commerce clients because they will be liable if the customer credit card information is stolen during the transaction process. Fortunately, the e-commerce security standard in web development is the use of SSL certificates. These certificates all credit card information to safely transfer from the user to the payment processor without being hacked.

Credit Card Processing - for e-commerce web development is safely done through the bank. They usually give the business a gateway to use (i.e. and the shopping cart connects to the gateway with SSL to safely process orders.

Case Study:
Rite Vitamins
  • Created Full E-Commmerce Solution
  • Developed Company Branding
  • Sorted Out All Possible Shipping/Charge Solutions
  • Developed E-Commerce Customer Demographic

What We Do:

We take you from planning to deployment. We'll evaluate your company needs and see whats the best approach. It may not always be the right solution to get the most epic, fully functinal system to sell one or two products. This all depends on many aspects: marketing budget, company infastructure and most importantly your commitment.

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