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Applications have become the new forefront for technology with the market share of smart phones increasing. Today there are three major application development outlets: iPhone Applications, Android Applications and Facebook Applications.

Applications In Detail:

iPhone Applications - Apple iPhone is the dominant smart phone on the market. With that they created the app store which began the craze. People everywhere are trying to cash in on applications which apple gives 70% of the revenue to. iPhone applications go through a strenuous review process that makes sure the application is up to standard.

Android Applications - Android, the open source mobile operating system is starting to take a strong hold among all smart phones. Analysis believe they will overtake iPhone’s market share by 2011. Being that they require less fees and set-up by developers, Androids Applications are easier to set-up than iPhones.

Facebook Applications - After going public last year, facebook has drawn a lot of advertisers with there applications interface. Marketers see a value in advertising with facebook because of their large network. Applications work well with a joint marketing campaign to raise awareness about a product.

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